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Large International School in Mongolia searching for 3 American teachers to work starting Fall, 2011: 

UB Elite International School
Contact: Mehmet Elci, Director 

For testimonials from teachers who worked in Mongolia, see below.

To teach a wide range of classes: 1-12th grade or 1-5 and 6-12 grades
If possible, you might be teaching also World history, Geography, Literature, 

Economics and International Business. 

Salary is negotiable. Here average is 300$ for Mongolians and 800-1000$ for foreigners. 

Therefore, American teachers are paid 2.5 times the average salary of the Mongolian teachers, 

plus housing will be provided by the school. In Mongolia, heating and hot water runs on a central system. 

The school will do the best it can to provide you a comfortable housing with necessary furniture like TV etc.

Return airfare at the completion of the contract.

School starts at 8:00am and ends at 5:00pm.

Each teacher will teach 30 hours a week. Extra hours will be compensated as overtime.

School will obtain working visa in Mongolia and other required documentations.

Friendly, caring, and understanding staff aids teachers in all aspects of 

adjusting to life and work in Mongolia.

Airport pickup and/or assistance.

Free School lunches.

Free Internet access.

Health insurance is covered by the school enrolling you in the Mongolia Insurance system.



MURAT AKBAS - Lived and worked in Mongolia for 9 years


I worked as a teacher and administrator at a high school in Mongolia for about 9 years. The experience Iíve gained in Mongolia , both socially and professionally, has been invaluable. Mongolia is a peaceful country with wonderful landscapes, mountains, animals, culture and hospitality.   Coming halfway across the world and immersing yourself in a new culture is a great catalyst for personal growth.  I strongly recommend teachers to do home visits and experience the life of Mongolian people. They are so hospitable that they will put everything onto the table; fruits, cheese, traditional foods and beverages such as Aaruul, Airag, Buuz, and Hoshur. You will feel like a member of their family just in the first few minutes of your visit. Riding camels, seeing gazelles, watching the migration of a nomadic family,  sleeping in a historical tent, and visiting the homeland of dinosaurs is a must see in your lifetime.  

Elite International School, awarded as one of the "Best Management 20 Schools of Mongolia, 2010" on 24th of January, 2011, allows teachers to teach an array of students of all ages in addition to corporate classes. Elite provides an excellent working environment with a very supportive administration. They are always with you whenever you need help including your professional and personal life. The school has high technology and laboratory equipments that enable you to do whatever you imagine for a better teaching. The students are very eager to learn and are extremely respectful to teachers. You feel like being home with your family. 

Being in Mongolia gave me a unique and life-long experience in teaching and my personal growth.  


Testimonial of MARIFE, currently teaching ESL 

Teacher salary and benefits are at the scale of other international schools.  We get our salary on time.  I never had a problem regarding monthly pay. The school always pays on the last working day of the month, usually at the end of lesson hours for that day around 4pm.  If you're going to work full time,  the school will give you full living accommodations including housing and bills.

School work is also pretty much like it would be in your home country except don't set your expectations too high and don't compare your home country's school system to that of Elite's. The school will try to provide you with all the resources you need for teaching. This is also one advantage in teaching at Elite. I never had any problem regarding simple resources like photocopies, multimedia equipments, etc.  They have textbooks for each subject. As teachers, we can suggest books for our class and after evaluating the book you suggest the school will almost always buy it for you.

The students are also quite normal. We have to always bear in mind that English is a foreign language to them so we must not expect too much but some students in Elite have lived in overseas before, studied abroad or are foreign nationals which make them more advanced han students from other Mongolian schools. They are not difficult to teach. Attitude wise, they are typical teenagers.

School administration is also fine. They are very approachable and understanding. 

Teachers and staff are very friendly. You can have a wonderful teaching experience at Elite.

To sum up, Elite is a very good school to teach compared to other Mongolian schools.  Take it from someone who has worked in Mongolian school before ;-)   Just be flexible and you'll have a blast teaching here!